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IPMgolfpro™ endeavours to be pro-active in assisting turf industry professionals in meeting and exceeding their IPM objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IPM golfpro™ allow me to generate and print the pdf forms for IPM council compliance?

Yes, IPM golfpro™ takes the information that you enter into the software to automatically generate the necessary pdf forms (populated with data) for IPM compliance.

Do I need a High speed internet connection to use IPM golfpro™?

Yes, IPM golfpro™ is a web based software which required High speed internet service such as Cable, DSL, 3G etc.

Do I have to initially setup my course details such as area dimensions and area graphical maps in IPM golfpro™?

No, once you subscribe to the software, all your course details will be setup by the IPM golfpro™ technicians based on the information you provide. There is no additional cost for this service.

Does IPM golfpro™ have a Product database to generate treatments for pests?

Yes, IPM golfpro™ contains a full list of products registered for use on turf across Canada. .

Will my data in the software be saved once my first year subscription is over?

Yes, all your data will be available from year to year as long as you are an active subscriber.

Is IPM golfpro™ only for Ontario Customers?

No, IPM golfpro™ can help golf courses across Canada manage their IPM initiatives.

How long will my IPM golfpro™ subscription last?

Your subscription is an annual subscription (from January to December).

What is the refund policy?

IPMgolfpro shall provide a full refund of a Subscriber's subscription price where IPMgolfpro receives email notification (support@ipmgolfpro.com) of any such cancellation decision on or before the earlier of:
a) 7 days from the Subscriber's subscription date; and
b) the day on which the Set-up of the Subscriber's course begins.

What is the Privacy Policy?

Full details on our Privacy and Delivery policies can be found here