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ALL-IN-ONE PEST MANAGEMENT SOFTWAREfor golf courses and turf

IPM golfpro™ is a web based software specifically designed for golf course Superintendents to help manage their day-to-day IPM activities.

Today’s environmental consciousness demands new and innovative tools to assist turf professionals.  IPM golfpro™ offers the following solutions:

  • Easy to use web based software
  • Plan, execute, and document your pest management activities
  • Pesticide treatment options to control pests on your turf
  • Tracking tools for - Pesticide, Fertilizer, Mowing, Sprayers, Training, Hot-spots and more
  • Scout using most mobile devices
  • an essential tool for Superintendents on their “path to perfect turf”!

Key Features

01Your course layout is mapped for you!

our technicians initially draw and map your area layout in the software

02Treatments options for pest control

extensive library of products gives you a variety of treatment options

03Record all Spray & Scout events

track events by date, location, applicator and more

04Calculation Tools
sprayer calibration tool & mixing calculations for your pesticides
05Nutrient Management
Record and track all your micro and macro nutrient applications

06Secure data access
Your data saved in the software is kept confidential and never shared


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